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A Running Marketing Ploy

I heard in passing that May was National Runner’s Month, so I decided to do a little digging. Turns out it’s actually a marketing campaign by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Per their press release Runner’s Month is “a new, major sports-marketing initiative to promote running and highlight the retailer’s deep commitment to serving runners throughout the United States.” While, the company is sponsoring events, providing expert tips and donating at least some of the proceeds to TEAM FOX something about it just doesn’t sit right.

May for as long as I have lived in NYC has always been Bike Month. The biking community encourages people to be active and reduce their carbon footprints. There is no marketing scheme behind it.

I would have preferred to see Dick’s get behind National Running Day (June 2).

I guess if anything does come out of this, May will become National Runner’s Month because the running community decided to back it.

You can see the ad accompanying National Runner's Month below.

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