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Things That Got Me Through The Last Month of Pregnancy

I had a relatively "easy" pregnancy and by that I mean that I was mostly able to wear my regular yoga pants, wasn't in too much pain, and didn't really start swelling until the last few weeks. That being said, once I hit 37 weeks I was beginning to become seriously uncomfortable. I had a few things up my sleeve to help me.

1. Maternity Band -- the compression helped my posture and keep my hips from feeling too much pain; I wore it all day, every day and when I wasn't wearing it I could tell.

2. Compression Socks -- aside from trying to keep the majority of weight gain in my belly, my biggest vanity concern was my feet going up in size. This is 100% due to my obsession with rewarding myself with shoes, expensive shoes. So I was careful to watch for swelling and wore compression socks around the house all the time and especially when I was flying.

3. Naps -- with little sleep during the night, afternoon naps became a necessity. Also, it sort of prepares you for cat naps when the baby comes.

4. FroYo -- every other day I was at our local frozen yogurt store because I needed it...sometimes it was an afternoon snack, sometimes it was a late night munchie.


*BrightLifeGo provided me with the belly band and socks to review. They have a slew of maternity and non-maternity compression clothes. Recommend you check it out for all your compression needs.

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