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Marathon Training Week 14

I've decided that all big birthdays should be accompanied by a big race. Once we hit October this week people started asking if I was ready....and my response was completely focused on the race. Explaining that my 20 miler was coming up and I was hinging my preparedness on how I felt during that run. Turns out they were talking about me turning 30 the day after the marathon. One track mind over here, or maybe selective memory? This week, I went back to only running twice during the week with a swim day. There was still some pain during my long run on Saturday, and I continue to do my new fancy stretches to try to loosen my hips and shins before running. Icing has become a central part of all my post run days...and I am just praying I make it through this.

So we are officially less than a month away from race day, and I am so ready for this to be over.

Monday: yoga

I originally planned a rest day, but I was reaching boiling point by lunch time and decided to walk away for a short 30 minute practice.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles, treadmill, speed work

Painless run, which was quite exciting. I was able to get up to 8.0 on the treadmill and maintain that pace for two straight minutes. I know it isn't real world because the belt is pushing me, still felt pretty good. My new shoes also seem to be the right fit. photo 2 (3)

Wednesday: 40 laps

Ok, it's October and I can still swim outside. Point advantage to Florida living today, because it was what I wanted.

Thursday: hill repeats

Headed to my "hill" (Linton Bridge) and ran quite a few hill repeats. Amazingly it was cooler this morning and I thought there was a good chance the weather could be turning.

photo 1 (3)

Friday: rest day

Truncated day so that I could head to services.

Saturday: 12 miles

I felt kind of bad for running instead of fasting, but either way you shook it I wasn't going to be able to fast because of the run. Also, running 12 miles while the rest of your training group headed out for 18 or 19 makes you feel like you are cheating a bit. Oh well, felt really strong for the majority of this run, feeling a bit more confident heading into next week's 20 miler.

photo (6)

Sunday: yoga

Yoga flexibility. It's amazing what happens when you are completely in tune with your body. It has been my left hip/ITB that has been giving me the most trouble and when I tried to stretch it out you would have thought I was leaning into a wall. I am starting to think the month following the race will be completely dedicated to yoga with a little hip/glute strengthening.

photo 3 (2)

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