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Even 20 Minutes Works

I've had one of those months, where I am lucky if I spend three days in a row in the same city. This also means that when I am in the same city, I am working significant hours. Mythical "slow season" strikes again. My whacked out schedule really had the potential to derail my training overall. However, since I started shifting my approach to training, I've found a way to get in the workouts. At first working out was all of nothing for me, meaning that if I couldn't get in at least 45 minutes it was a waste. Then I scaled it down to at least 30 minutes, and then I discovered metabolic training, where I could burn out my muscles in 20 minutes. f65552d1d05d6f07dfb71e5512d0bc89

20 minutes!? That may not seem like a lot, but when you are lifting heavy weights and throwing in high impact cardio of some sort...all you really need is 20 minutes. Of course I don't burn nearly as many calories as my 45 minute workouts, at least not during the workout, but it still helps me focus and I feel better because I did something.

The other thing I have learned is that my body weight is better than nothing. If the hotel that I am staying at doesn't really have a good gym (this doesn't really happen all that often), or I really only have that short amount of time, I do body weight training.  It just makes things easier.

Here are a few workouts I keep in my back pocket for those days:

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