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Barry's Bootcamp 30 Min Treadmill Workout

I've been wanting to try Barry's Bootcamp for sometime now, but there hasn't really been a convenient location to me. Hard as I try when I am in NYC unless something is in Midtown, I just can't make it. And then the thought of driving down to Miami Beach for a gym class isn't ideal and I need to plan better the next time we spend the night down there. (Look, I am committed to fitness, just not a hour and half driving committed.) I found a sample running segment and decided to test it out this week -- especially as the humidity was particularly rough and the cloudy/raining on-off thing made me a little hesitant to run outside.

You move through sections of intervals, hill work, and sprints, which I find particularly challenging to do at the same time because of my short legs. I wasn't huffing and puffing as much as I thought I could or should, so round 2 will see me increasing those sprint speeds a bit more.

Overall though, I really liked the intervals, which kept me engaged. Workout below, as provided by FitSugar.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.59.52 PM

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Weekend Eats: Dada

Weekend Eats: Dada