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Weekend Eats: Lucali

I feel like we are going to have to spend one weekend a month in Miami. So far it has worked, and we've gotten to do some fun things down there with our friends. This last time, we went to dinner at Lucali, a pizza place in the Sunset Harbor area of Miami Beach. Originally from Brooklyn, they focus on the pizza more than anything else, but have calzones, salads, and a few vegetable options.

We chose to start with the kale Cesar salad, grilled artichokes and meatballs. In the simplest of terms the artichokes were supremely delicious, but I love artichokes and pretty much anything with melty cheese on it.

The meatballs were almost melt in your mouth delicious. Not the least bit dry and honestly almost light.

The kale salad was good, the dressing wasn't too heavy.

We got a pizza with the pepperoni, hot peppers and onions on it. Now, they really only have one size and that is 20inches. I like a good crunch on my crust and this did not disappoint. The texture was fantastic with just the right amount of crevices to hold the homemade sauce and mozz. The toppings were also perfectly spread out, making each bite supeerb.

We also indulged in a calzone. The cheese was so good. I am honestly still thinking about it and regretting my choice to only have a few bites.

Of course, it isn't cheap, but it don't really care. If I wanted cheap pizza we know what delivery service I would be calling. No, I go for Lucali offering me a meal where I eat a lot but don't feel like I need to be rolled to my car, any day.






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