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A Change in Weather Will Do You Good

Things have been pretty hectic around the Cohen-Landsman household. Lots of traveling and move prepping. This past weekend, I headed down to South Florida for apartment hunting and given the ridiculousness that is Winter 2014 a much needed weekend of warmth. With the I'm focusing on simple short 4 mile runs right now. I am not timing myself or even thinking about pace. The whole goal is to just get out there and get back into running shape. Especially since I have to make that final decision on whether I will run the New York City Marathon in 15 days. I am still leaning toward a "yes" I just wish I could find some decent races to run during training season. We can't do the Tower of Terror 10 Miler this year since it falls on Yom Kippur.  traveling, I had been pretty sluggish and tired, but  that high 70s/low 80s sunny weather  jump started my endorphins. "VITAMIN D I MISSED THEE!"

invincible Seriously, my body was practically itching for a run outside, and when I finally hit the pavement I started questioning why I had taken a break from running. Of course, come mid-summer when it is so humid outside that I can't step outside without breaking into a sweat I will probably change my tune, but right now I will relish it.

In other news: we did find a new apartment (thankfully) and it has several things going for it. (1) Walking distance to two grocery stores (one of which is Publix, of course) and a future Trader Joe's -- really happy about this as one of my favorite things is walking to the grocery store. (2) Walking distance to a yoga studio -- literally can look out my window and see it and according to Yelp is one of the best in the area. (3) In theory I can run to the beach -- this is probably my favorite aspect right now. (4) I will get to have a dedicated office space AND a room just for working out...I am so excited to build up my home gym. What are some must haves?

The only down side is that there isn't really a good gym close by. Will have to drive just a bit to get to one, which is absolutely doable, I'm just spoiled by having lots of options all within one area. There is an Orange Theory and Flywheel pretty close too.

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