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The day I defied gravity


I've always found the artists who do the beautiful dancing on the ribbon hanging from the ceiling just exquisite. They are so graceful while they are hanging 20-50 feet in the air, and so strong to only be hanging on by their feet! Closest I will ever come to that is aerial yoga, and that is probably why I have been dying to try it. Last Monday, I took advantage of my extra weekend day and went to an aerial yoga class at Spark.

It was my first time at this new studio and I was really impressed with the space. I've grown accustomed to small studios that are essentially broken into two areas---studio and waiting area. Spark breaks this mold by having two studios and then a narrow waiting

The "blue room" was set for the class, which is kept really small. Only 9 people can participate and that's if the instructor gives up her hammock. Susan was our instructor and she was so gracious in prepping us for class.

For whatever reason I thought the hammocks would be higher, but was glad I didn't have to jump to get in it. We went through several very easy poses and a few that opened up my hips more than any other stretch I'd done recently. It definitely felt chopper than your traditional yoga flow, but since this was an intro class that makes sense.

My favorite part was absolutely when we began turning ourselves upside down, into the gazelle and a few other poses that I would never be able to replicate on the ground.

I'm always skeptical of "fad" exercise classes and whether they really do anything for your body. While I was in class I wasn't sweating or feeling fatigue in my muscles. But, Tuesday morning I woke up with abs that felt like I'd done crunches all day.

According to my yoga sources (the ladies of Lululemon Clarendon) the studio has a state of the art ventilation system that makes the hot yoga classes that much better. I plan to try one of those classes later this week.

I would absolutely do this again.



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