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On My Healthy Lifestyle Radar

Every January I make a promise with myself to stay out of the gym, and workout at home or by running outside (polar vortex obviously has that on the sideline). I just can't handle the crowds, fighting for machines, my favorite spin bike or these people. So I pull out my trusty DVDs, or go to our apartment gym at odd times when I know no one will steal my treadmill as I do my sprint/weight lifting intervals. So here is what's on my radar/keeping me in check this month.


One of the things that kept me from fully dedicating myself to P90x when Josh first got it last year, was that they required a significant amount of time. Don't get me wrong, I love a good 60 min+ workout, but that usually involved cardio and weights, with a few breaks in between, and those workouts are usually reserved for weekends. images

The 30 minute workouts do not disappoint. I have decided to do the "lean" program, which means a lot more cardio and less weight lifting (though that is in there too). I've done one full week, which reminded me why I hate plyos and Tony Horton (in a good and bad way) and decided to alternate my P90x and yoga days so that my back didn't tense up.

Ultimate Yogi 

I am deep into my second set of 36 days for Ultimate Yogi. We had a minor set back with vacation, but are back full stream. The second 36 days include a focus on balance and flexibility. These routines are no joke. I think I was more sore after balance than I was after strength. And I don't think I have seen my abs as flat as they are right now in a very long, long time.

This is Irene...look how impressive she is

Trying New Yoga 

Speaking of yoga, I took my first class with Irene last Saturday. Aside from being right next to Carson (are you serious? this was like the most intimidating thing ever) it made me remember how desperately I want to become a pro at headstands and tick tocks and all those other fancy yoga moves. (Also, Carson was really encouraging, so now I think I caught the bug, and will likely be attending more classes with those two). I also really want to try aerial yoga, and just found out there is a studio not far from me that has it!

Food Prep

I don't make resolutions, I am just too Type A to handle failing at resolutions. Instead let's just say I make healthy goals...one of those is to take our menu planning a step further and actually do food prep on Sundays. We've made it two weeks in a row (hazah!), and so far it has actually helped decrease stress after work and allowed more time for us to hang out at night. It's been nice, and certainly takes a lot of pressure off us when it comes to making dinner and cleaning up after since most of the hard work is done.

Bringing Back Running 

And finally, after a year of retirement, I am contemplating returning to the racing world. Last year, I didn't really train that great and didn't really run aside from a few treadmill sprints and terrible 5M outings. This year is my last to use my guaranteed entry for NYC Marathon. I am still trying to decide if it is worth it. Deep down I know I will regret NOT doing it. We are also going to try to register for Lululemon's Sea Wheeze race. Yes, I did say we.

Bringing Breakfast Back

Planning a Fit Vacation