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Happy National Running Day

This morning a friend asked "Who puts National Running Day, just two days before National Donut Day?"  Of course, I haven't had a donut in who knows how long, but I get the concept of running so that you can enjoy delicious food (or bloody mary's--I love those things).

Nothing says refreshing after a long run like a bloody mary

But, I also run to clear my head. There are so many days that I find myself craving a run not because I want to be active, but because lacing up my shoes allows me a few minutes (or hours) to just go on autopilot. When I have a major project due or something going on in my personal life that I need to workout, running helps me balance. 20121022-075000.jpg

Beautifully photo bombed MCM photo

Lululemon Tabata 002

Running helps me accept good day and bad days. Not every run can be perfect and that has helped me accept imperfection in the rest of my life.

Of course, I am sidelined right now because of a back injury and it is killing me. Yesterday we went for a walk after dinner and I was supremely jealous of all the runners taking advantage of the gorgeous evening weather. My body is aching for a run and it has only been four days. I know if I want to continue running I have to take it easy, but it is so hard to do that!

So if you are taking to the streets (or treadmill) today, enjoy your run for me!


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