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My First Week With Polar

I've had my Polar FT40 for a week now.This is my first HR monitor so there are still some growing pains...there have been a few workouts where my heart rate can't be read (what is that? anyone know?), but overall it has been really interesting getting to know my workout routines a bit more. Biggest learning: The Energy Pointer which tells me whether I am in fitness or fat burning, stays in fitness more often than not. Even when I am lifting weights. (I don't know what that says about my fitness level, but that's what the watch tells me) In fact the only time that I was in fat burn only was at yoga.

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I realized that I may not be resting enough between supersets. I am so anxious checking off minutes and squats and overhead arm presses that I just power through.  If I took more time between sets I probably would be able to bring my heart rate down enough to move back into fat burn at least for a little bit.

I also got to live out my dream of being in a fitness video this week. Leslie Ann decided to start filming a few workouts for her clients and I got to be in the first one! Yeah I am a total fitness geek.

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