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Avoiding the Flu

1350485069_2112_maskI went full germ-a-phobe these last two weeks. I was on planes and trains, public transportation and lots of people. I was sanitizing, hand-washing and giving the old dude hacking up a storm at the airport the evil eye for not covering his mouth. I hadn't gotten my flu shot because my local pharmacies were already out and I was just in complete freak mode. Luckily, Walgreens got a huge shipment in on Tuesday and I was able run over their to get one. I was probably the most excited flu shot recipient these pharmacists had ever seen!

Yes, I procrastinated and it might be too late, but today I learned there was hope. Hope in the form of exercise! Apparently, being physically fit has been shown to improve immunity--specifically in response to vaccines. So if you work out before you get your shot or right after it is likely that you will have higher antibody levels, making the shot more effective.

I'm still Lysoling the crap out of every surface I touch and I pretty much doused the elliptical I was on this morning, but I am feeling less like I need to quarantine myself.


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