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Worst Week of Training So Far?

After my kick-ass training last week, I felt better than ever. The mountain top was in sight and I was full steam ahead. Then I got smacked with a cold. Combine that with a feeling like my legs were made of lead and what you have folks is a terrible training week. I just couldn't get any runs in during the week. Yesterday, it was gorgeous out so we went out for a nice leisurely run to test my legs and lungs. It really wasn't bad and I actually ran some of my fastest splits in a long while. Today's run I decided to cut short by 4 miles just to be careful, especially because my left thigh just above my knee is feelings a little tweakish.

Anyway, on my run today I started thinking about how there are a few songs on my playlist that inspire slow motion montages in my head. It's like they trigger "if this was a move, here are the scenes that would go along with this song." Do you have those?

Songs currently inspiring the montage:

Gym Class Hereos: Fighter

Kelly Clarkson: Stronger

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