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The Pains of Having a Job?

Health.com reports on a new study showing that some jobs are so demoralizing that they are actually worse for mental health than NOT working at all. Maybe it is the nature of being in the PR industry, but with so many friends bouncing from one job to the next these days this data doesn't really surprise me. You may be out of work and the first opportunity that crosses your path seems like a godsend. You may even be in a place that you just need to get out of. In the end, you make a rash decision that leads you to be unhappy.

A lot of this plays into what I wrote about a few weeks back. Bad bosses will make anybody unhappy and stress can actually stem from bad managers.

Don't get me wrong, your work has to beĀ challengingĀ (in a good way), but if anything this study shows that we really have to be careful about weighing our options before jumping in feet first.

The full Health.com article can be read here.

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