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Telling Stories Through Felt Boards

Telling Stories Through Felt Boards

I’ve been trying to find creative ways to encourage Dylan’s imagination. She loves reading and telling stories.  I’m not much of a drawer (let’s be real my artistic skills are very minimal) so drawing our own book was out of the question. Then I learned that “felt sticks to felt” and decided to make a felt board.

Dylan and I headed to Michael’s to grab some colored felt. She helped me pick out the colors of smaller squares and we grabbed a larger white one for our backdrop.  Then I spent an entire Saturday afternoon/nap time tracing cookie cutter shapes on to the small felt pieces.

By evening my hands hurt from trying to cut all the pieces out and I was swearing that I would be buying any additional shapes from Amazon. 

October 030.JPG

On Sunday, it rained leaving us the perfect opportunity to test the felt board. It worked perfectly. I taped it up using painters tape and now we have a removable felt board. Dylan has so much fun setting up the shapes and telling us the stories.  

October 031.JPG
October 037.JPG
October 039.JPG
October 043.JPG
October 045.JPG
Shake It Up

Shake It Up