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When a Program Just Clicks

When a Program Just Clicks

I have to say BBG by Kayla Itsinies may be my spirit animal in workout form. It truly has everything I want -- challenging routines that leave me breathless and sore, personal challenges for my competitive nature and flexibility to throw in workouts of my choosing for LISS and HIIT days. 


BBG 2.0 had all of this and there wasn't a single day that I dreaded my workout. I really loved the personal challenge days. On days when I didn't think the mirror was being kind, these personal challenge days showed me how much I had improved since I started. It was such a good reminder that what is in the mirror isn't always the only results to look for. 


When it was time to introduce the HIIT days I was surprised at how creative I was able to be and what you could fit in just 10-15 minutes. (Which was seriously helpful as work picked up this past couple of months)


I am stronger and leaner than I've been in a long time and I actually feel comfortable in some of my tighter fitting clothes.  


I've been contemplating purchasing the app so that I can have access to additional workouts, but not sure if it is worth it. Anyone who has the app, can you let me know? 

Sand Play

Sand Play