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That Love of Art Though

That Love of Art Though

Dylan has been obsessed with anything art related since she was a wee little one. She would spend hours staring at the artwork in our house or my parents and grandparents. An early trick we used to calm her down was to walk around showing her the different pictures.


When she started to be able to create her own art there was no stopping her. She takes her art very seriously and will slowly walk around the table to get the perfect angles. We color daily and has started to draw specific items, even if they don’t look exactly how you’d imagine it.  

There aren’t a lot of kid-friendly activities in the area. It’s usually too hot to be outside for extended periods of time and the indoor gyms can get a bit boring.  

When I found out about ArtNest in Delray Beach and saw that they had a class available on a day when Dylan had no school we had to try it out.  

ArtNest offers age appropriate classes that immerse the kids in all aspects of art. They’ve only been open for three weeks, and I am ready to tell everyone about it. 


This month’s theme, they rotate, is Tim Burton because Halloween (duh). So at class we started with water painting, and ended by by stenciling a “monster.” In between Dylan got to play with rubber bands and thread beads onto a pipe cleaner to create a bracelet. I loved that everything was set up as almost free play, other than having the activities to do, there was no rhyme or reason for how the kid’s would engage.


I really loved this class and pretty much begged for weekend classes when they are ready. Dylan is off next Thursday too, and I am pretty sure we are going to go again.

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