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Dylan Sage Eight Months

Dylan Sage Eight Months

We had a big month. I feel like every few days we hit another milestone. If you blinked Dylan was accomplishing something new and it was so incredibly fulfilling to watch it happen.


One day I came in to get her from her nap and found her sitting. The devilish look on her face said it all: "Mommy, I did something awesome and now it means trouble." Once she started she just didn't want to stop, this became a theme for the month.


She also desperately wanted to feed herself. So we started with puffs and squished blueberries. We've progressed to cheerios, sweet potato, carrots and even meatballs! We still haven't found a food she will turn down.


She also loves eating in restaurants. She is a riot every time we go and it's absolutely adorable.

On the way up to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving, Dylan decided learning how to clap would be much cooler than sleeping. Clapping has become a favorite way to express herself.


Finally, she crawled! I was starting to think the army crawling was going to be her only way to move, especially when she started pulling herself up on her knees to stand. Then the other day she made these short little crawling motions. They were quick and didn't last long but I am anticipating a bit more very soon.

The babbling and singing is picking up speed too. There's a lot of "dadda" and "momma" and sometimes we get a "oof" for "woof" and "mmmmm" for "moo." 

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