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Preparing for a Race (with travel)

I was lucky that my first marathon happened to be in my backyard. It was easy to prepare, I simply had dinner went about my normal routine as if I was just going out for a long run. This time though, things are a bit different...given I will be in a hotel and not in the comfort of my own home. It requires more planning and testing well in advance. My trial run in NYC was just a few weeks ago, and I did everything¬†as I planned to do it this week.  

Massage: Three days before, one day after

As I noted a few weeks ago, I tried out Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage NYC. I don't think I have ever felt like jelly after running 20 miles, in a good way. Beret is a runner herself, and certainly knows all the key areas that can be a bit "irritated" from all that use. Before jumping on the table, we sat and discussed specific issues I was having (again this was immediately after my run so there was a lot of stiffness), and she focused on my hips at my request. This wasn't just your standard massage. There was this stretching element to it, that really got into those hard to reach spots. I recovered so quickly, that I was able to run on Tuesday as if I had done an easy five miles. I will be stopping by for a pre-run massage this week.unnamed

Yoga: Stretching, stretching, stretching

If I "rested" without doing anything for three days leading up to the race, I would probably gouge someone's eyes out due to an increase in stress and anxiety. So I focus on lots of yoga days....and different kinds of yoga so that I can get into all the little tight spaces. I recently went to Studio 360 for a Vinyasa yoga flow. There are a few reasons I loved this yoga/cycle hybrid studio; one of which was the fact that they provide yoga mats and cycle shoes free of charge. Another, is the fact that the classes are small and you get one-on-one instruction. The class I attended was Sunday morning and with only two other people, it was practically private. I've got two classes picked out for this coming week.photo 3 (3)

Dinner: salt and carbs

At this point I know what is going to go down best, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of cooking at home. So I've scouted the restaurants that are nearby and selected three options for dinner. Though I'm angling for an invite to my besties.....you know who you are ;).

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