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suburban running

Who would have thought running in cities would be easier than running in suburbia. That's at least been my experience since moving to Delray Beach, Florida. Don't get me wrong I love my beach runs, but I've now been running the same 4.5 mike loop for a month and I might as well be on a treadmill. When we were in DC I had several routes to choose from, and while some of them required a quick drive into Georgetown as a starting point, I still had four or five routes to choose from where driving wasn't necessary.

And of course in NYC I could go East or West and then up or down. Unfortunately, Delray just doesn't have that to offer.

I've looked into the Runner's Edge weekly runs, and will be trying to get over there after my month of travel (May isn't pretty for Laney actually being home) to vary my routes. Especially, since I will likely be joining their marathon training group this summer.

Apparently, despite being a creature of habit, a lack of running route variations has severely impacted me. That and the ridiculous humidity. I see a lot of midnight running in my marathon training future.

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