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Snow, Cold & Fitness Motivation

I feel like every few days we are preparing for another snow castrophy here in DC. It won't be such a let down this weekend as for a few reasons (1) one of my biffles is headed this way for the weekend [hopefully she can make it]; (2) Season 2 of House of Cards gets uploaded to Netflix on Friday; (3) bucket list working "Dance Trance" could be walked to if necessary. I find it hilarious that DC freaks out over the potential of snow flurries. Yes, technically you are below the snow belt but at this point you should be over it. Especially after this Winter. I also happen to be one of those crazy people who enjoy running on snow covered paths, along as there is no ice.

I also enjoy a heated yoga class even more when it is freezing outside.

Last weekend KB and I braved the cold and went to Zweet Sport. It was a different experience from the previous week's hot yoga class, in that we were in a much smaller room and it was 98*. (Sing your favorite song with me.) I am still getting used to being the person in class who moves into headstands when you are given the option. I get self conscious about "showing off" and then failing but as one of my instructors said "you have to fail to get better." I was able to restrain myself from buying anything despite the cuteness that were those capris.

Look how cute they are! I need them, just not right now.


Any way, I am looking forward to this upcoming long weekend, because that means I have extra time to do extra workouts and still get all the other stuff done.  As I noted above, KB and I are heading to Dance Trance on Sunday, and I will likely throw another yoga class in there as well.

Oh and if anyone is still looking for a fitness-related Valentines' Day gift, or need a new pair of headphones. Those Koss headphones I reviewed back in December for FitFluential are on sale at Walgreens for $19.99.

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