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CrossFit Crazy Pants

If you've never seen true CrossFit athletes do their thing, you are seriously missing out. I've been to one or two sessions where I do some beginning WODs, and once while I was lunch the Reebok CrossFit Games were on ESPN. Other than that though, my interaction with CrossFit has been regulated to hearing about friend's workouts or watching Bob Harper encourage Biggest Loser contestants to do it. photo 3

Yesterday that changed when we went to the Reebok FitHub Georgetown grand opening. In addition to playing in the store (more on that in a moment) we got to participate in a "beginner's workout" with Balance Gym instructors, and watch CrossFit Games competitors from around the area, well compete.

Graham Holmberg, a CrossFit Champion is beyond impressive.  He and two other local CrossFitters did a quick workout (something like a 3,2,1 combo of a couple different exercises with changing weights) for time. What they were able to do in under 4 minutes was intense and so worth watching.  (TRUTH: the heavy snatch and clean presses were impressive, but it was really the handstand push-up that left me with my mouth hanging open.)

The professionals doing their thing

Now for the store. A few weeks ago, I spoke with Andrea Ferry, Reebok's D.C. Ambassador, about the concept and what they were hoping to bring to the fairly active D.C. community. I was really excited to walk into a store where everyone is trained to help you find the perfect workout gear. I had sent my fried Mariesa to the store in NYC where she had a great experience so I had high expectations.

Josh and I both wanted new shoes for our general training. The guy working with us made great recommendations, and we had the chance as you are encouraged to do there--try them out. I am not talking about running on the treadmill, but doing box jumps on the plyo boxes designed for that exact purpose. The FitHub is designed to resemble CrossFit boxes, with rings and ropes dangling from above, kettlebells and medicine balls are in cubbies, all with the actual purpose of being used. photo 2

The Georgetown location will also play host to workouts from local fitness instructors on a revolving schedule. Expect discounts on apparel or classes at local fitness studios when you attend. And if you go on any regular day, try out one of their in-store fitness challenges, which can also earn you a discount if you beat records.

The Reebok FitHub is located at 1251 Wisconsin Ave NW.


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