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Hot Mess of June

I know June isn't over yet, but can I just say this has been a month. It started out so promising too. I had swung it so I wasn't traveling aside from one overnight trip to NYC. My parents were coming to visit and I would get to spend Father's Day with my dad for the first time in like eight years. And we were heading into the NBA finals. While all of that was nice, something else just apparently utterly and completely broke down. Between my back issues sidelining me from serious hardcore workouts to work being surprisingly busy my sleep suffered. I have been constantly tired, and stressed, and just uncomfortably lethargic.

So I  didn't really mind focusing just on yoga and barre classes until my back felt better. My body apparently didn't either...sometimes I just need to remember that.

Then this week work just destroyed me. Lots of early morning meetings and travel, and other client issues just sucked up my time. It was like "NO, you can't get back on track this month, don't even try." (Please see image below for a reenactment of my feelings toward June)

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It is odd to choose a weekend day as a start fresh day, but I think it is the only way I will get back on my workout schedule.

I do have to say I did this ridiculous metabolic conditioning workout from Leslie Ann earlier this week (like my one day of exercise) and my arms were screaming. Who knew 20 minutes of heavy lifting could bring my heart rate up like that? She did, I guess.

Here's to a weekend reboot!


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