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Dropping Down In Races

There was a sign yesterday that read "Bet you thought this was a good idea in March." Guy with sign, I bet you have no idea how right you were. Back when I signed up for the ZoomaRun Annapolis Half I was all about it. The weather was perfect for training runs, I was looking forward to some nice long runs. Then I traveled every. single. week in May. My longest run was last weekend and it was 6 miles. I was screwed and I knew it. 992021_10103599579096451_1805122965_o

On Thursday I couldn't properly bend over, and despite a serious amount of yoga on Friday I wasn't any better. Saturday morning I woke up with energy, but anxious. At the race I inquired about dropping down to the 10K, but KB and Shannon were encouraging about the half so I stayed. By mile two, I regretted that decision.

I just wasn't ready for this. The heat was unbearable, and there weren't enough water stations for a June 1st race. And the rolling hills? No way. My legs felt like lead and by mile 4 I was contemplating the turn around for the 10K. My pace itself was pretty good, hanging around a 9-minute mile, but I just didn't have it in me to complete the full race.

When we hit the bridge I saw the turnaround and took it. I had the energy to keep going, but my body really just didn't think it was possible. So I finished a 10K in just over a hour, which wasn't terrible, but had I gone out for a 10K my pace would have been different.

I was supremely jealous when Shannon crossed the finish line for the half with a PR. I hated myself for giving up, but this is not 4 years ago when I could just run a half with no problem.

That being said, I loved traveling for a race again. It has been way too long since I road tripped for a race and I miss the excitement. KB, Shannon & I got our snark on majorly and giggled a lot (a nice girls overnight, if I do say so myself).

Kristin, Shannon and me at the start while I was still optimistic

The swag we received from ZoomaRun was fantastic--new yoga mat? Yes, please! The lack of spectators and water stations a misstep.

I've got another 10K next weekend so I have a goal to beat yesterday's time.  And now I am on the hunt for a half do-over. Maybe I will run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half in October since I haven't done that yet. It is pricey for a local race though. Or maybe I will head to NYC and run with my friends up there. All I know is that I need a do-over badly.

Has anyone done that one?


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