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Ballet Body: Core

*Standard Running On Veggies Disclaimer: I received the DVDs for free, opinions are my own*  There was a time that I wanted to be a ballerina badly, but 10 year old Laney didn't have the flexibility or the grace to keep that up. So when I am surrounding by Broadway dancers in Figure 4 or these incredibly tall, skinny ladies in the barre classes I do here in DC I am jealous of their bodies. Seriously jealous.

I know it is genetics and I will never ever be this tiny, lengthy thing. My petite-athletic body just won't do that, but damn it if I won't try.

Acacia just released Ballet Body by Leah Sarago. Sarago apparently has trained my dear Gator friend Tim Tebow, among other NFL stars. There are three DVDs one for upper body, lower body and abs. I decided to start with the abs workout on an off day.

Skeptical that I will like this #fitfluential

The 45 minute workout was pretty intense. There were absolutely no breaks for those abs, you just moved from one sequence to the next and I worked up a bit of a sweat (obviously not cardio sweat, but still). It was weird having Sarago narrate the workouts, but not actually be speaking on the screen. There wasn't a lot of explanation in terms of alignment and exact positioning, but seriously this worked my abs HARD. I'll give it another go, for sure.

The DVD will be available April 2, 2013. Check back for a review on the other workouts.


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