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I've been diligently tracking my calorie intake and burn on myfitnesspal. I'm doing it without the heart rate monitor that I am currently lusting after, so it is possible that it isn't accurate. Anyway, a month of serious workouts with Leslie Ann, calorie tracking and upping my cardio has resulted in what appears to be a leaner Laney. Did I slip up this week and over-indulge in Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream? Yes. Am I still snacking uncontrollably when I get stressed out? Yes.

So over the next month I am going to do my very best to fix those. Because although I have lost some weight, I certainly still have some ways to go.

Speaking of...two different things got me incredibly inspired this week.

1) A woman who definitely has a journey ahead of her was having her own private workout in the gym this week. She apparently had suffered an accident and needs to completely rehabilitate her body. She was working her way through the routine, stopping occasionally but never ever giving up.  While I silently cursed myself during my burpees watching her kept me going.

2) While I was running out of my building today, I saw a mom on the elliptical with her baby in a carrying case next to her. She was finding a way to get her workout done and THAT was impressive.

Weight: 127.4

% Fat: 23%

After one month on the right

A Blech Workout

Avoiding the Flu