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I Just Can't Decide

Of course it only took a day or two after the marathon for me to start thinking about my next race. Problem is I can't decide what I want my next race to be! I have friends running the RNR USA half, ones wanting to run the new Nike Women's Half DC and the B&A half.   April is also filled with the GW Parkway and Cherry Blossom 10 Milers. All of those races are intriguing, but none of those races are getting me excited. Maybe it is because RNR and Nike have similar courses to what I ran during training for the marathon (and for the marathon). Maybe it is because I did GW last year and it just wasn't that exciting.

I've never had this problem. In NYC I ran pretty much every race out there even if it meant doing Harlem Hill every month. I had no problem because I was working toward a goal (qualifying for NYCM).

I'm not much for a time goal. Those just don't get me excited and I tend to feel more disappointed than anything else.

Is this just a running slump? How can I shake it?


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