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Switching Up the Long Run

Kristin & I did our long run on Saturday this week. That little change (despite a crappy running week) actually gave me more of a desire to run on Sunday too. Usually, I do my little 3-4 miles on Saturday to loosen up the legs, and dread the long run the following today. Not so much. Even though we cut the run short (neither of us were really in the mood) it was still a pretty good run. Since I started running with Kristin I haven't been listening to music. We pretty much just talk, or run together in short bursts of silence. I love it and it's something I never used to do.

Back in NYC I would go out for runs with McKenzie and Kristin (different one, apparently Kristins like to run) and we would have one ear bud in and one out. Yes, we chatted and it was great. But the background noise was still a bit of a distraction.

Next weekend I will be in NYC and I have to get my first 20 in. I am a bit nervous. Do I want to run it in the city before heading home? What does that mean from an ice bath, sitting on the train for 3 hours stiffness? Or do I want to head home and force myself to go for the run when I get back?

Eating to Fuel the Long Run