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Countdown: 62 Days to Go

I'm big on the instant gratification of newness. I love buying something new (like that J. Crew No. 2 Pencil skirt I desperately want) and immediately wearing it. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the part of marathon training I was looking forward to most: when every long run takes me to a distance record, to mileage milestones, to revelations about what my body can do. Yesterday I made it over my first long-run hurdle. I've done the half-marathon ad nauseum so the 13 miles on the schedule today, while the longest run yet didn't seem daunting. It was next week's 14 that had me anxious (and the weeks following that).

When Kristin and I set out for our run it was all about the 13, but then we took a left turn and the next thing I knew we were running 14. I started my new 3 mile splits (this is what I worked out in my head to plan out my walk breaks) and it kept my energy up and made it possible for me to finish off strong.

I was happy with the pace and after taking my first ice bath (WHO IS HARDCORE NOW?) am happy with the lack of amazing tense legs.

A girl could get used to this accomplishment feeling.

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