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Running with Books on Tape (or iPod)

For the first time in what feels like years I ran without any music today. It was a weird feeling actually being able to hear the natural sounds around me, and not having to take ear buds out when my runningmates (Megan and Kristin). While we are trying to do as many long runs together as possible, I know that there will be times that it just won't work out. Those days are when I am afraid my mileage mental block may takeover. 

Since I bought my Kindle a year or so ago, I have been powering through books. I think I have read more in the last year than the two previous put together. So I am intrigued by the idea of listening to books while on my long runs.

I'm concerned of either getting too distracted and not paying enough attention to where I am going, or just hearing nonsense in my head because I can't follow the story. I've also heard that podcasts are a good option too, though I don't really know which ones I would want.

Anyone have a favorite podcast? Thoughts on running while listening to a book? Do you do a new one or a classic?

P.S. I saw a ton of recaps from Color Runs this weekend, and I am REALLY excited to do that this fall with Megan and Kristin. I think we need to start thinking of our outfit strategy...


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