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Running at 8000 FT

I thought having marathon training start while on vacation would be perfect. I'd get used to having to work in the specific mileage without having too much interfere. While it is true that there is little coming in between me and my runs, I am getting much more than I bargained for at 8,000 feet above sea level. The first sign of trouble came as I climbed the stairs to the kitchen. My "easy 2 miler" suddenly seemed a little bit more daunting.

My dad and hubby joined me on the first route at a walking pace. My legs had no problem pushing me up the mountain, my lungs on the other hand were begging for a break. I ended up doing a 3.5 miler walking the last 1.5.

It was a good adjustment to the altitude and made me reconsider my planned 8 miler and 4 miler. I decided instead to make it a goal to run the 3.5 and then see how I feel after about adding in more.

The view of the lake once I hit the ridge was pretty ridiculous.

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