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Official Day One of Marathon Training

I woke up yesterday morning still a little congested from this cold I am fighting and a little anxious about what lay ahead. It was just 4 miles I kept telling myself. But while it was JUST a short run that I have been doing at least 2-3 times a week it was a significant start to a long four months of training.

I did one of my favorite routes--over the Key Bridge and back--and thank the heavens it wasn't 100 degrees outside.  I strapped on my water bottle and laced up my shoes knowing this wasn't going to be my best run ever. I surprised myself on the first 2 miles of the run...I had a good pace and wasn't having that "its so hard to breath" agony. The second half was a little bit slower and a little bit harder, but I chalk that up to going up Roslyn Hill.  So of course, as predicted it wasn't my best run, but hoping Thursday's will be better.

This week's long run is 8 miles and it will be done in Tahoe at a completely different elevation. So we will see how that goes.

Fitsugar also recently posted common beginner marathon training mistakes, which reminded me that I really need to get my swim schedule figured out and that I can't avoid the 100 degree, rainy weather :(.


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