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Review: Timed Exercise

I don't know if you have figured this out yet, but I love being pushed to the point of nausea in my workouts. I know that is strange. I am absolutely in the minority when I say I am jealous of the first workout you see on Biggest Loser.  To me it is a sign of me working my body really hard, and the fact that I need to do more. Anyway, when I was in Jacksonville last month my mom and I went to her exercise class together, Timed Exercise. This is a 30 minute class that combines cardio and strength training, using a high-intensity workout that combines body and free weight movements.

Each time you go there is a different group exercises that need to be completed in six rounds of reps. The day I went our WOD was lateral jumps, dips, push ups, pike push ups, wipers (which are done in ab straps),  and we had to do 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20.  About halfway through the 30 reps round, I already wanted to die.

Somehow by the grace of whatever strength I had deep down, I made it through all six rounds. My arms and chest were aching the worst and I had a hard time washing my hair the next day.

The cool down/stretch afterwards wasn't the greatest, but I would recommend anyone looking for a HIIT workout in Jacksonville to check it out.

UPDATE: I wanted to let you know how awesome my mother did at this workout. She rocked it and when I thought I was going to puke she was still going.

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