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Cherry Blossom Yoga

If you could do anything on a cloudless April morning, what would it be? This past Saturday is was practicing yoga underneath cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument.  Doing yoga on a hill--lead by Alison Adams, of  DownDog Yoga, accompanied by a live Bluebrain performance--was pretty challenging, especially when going into balance holds.

The varying levels around me were inspiring. An older couple just in front of me looked like this was an unplanned morning activity--dressed in kakhis--but that didn't stop the man from getting deep into his pigeon pose. He was more flexible than me! The girl behind me was in full handstands and side crows...something I swear I will do one day.

Bluebrain provided a great soundtrack, the base of which was Alison's heartbeat.

I was so connected with their music and my practice that I didn't notice the hoards of tourists taking photos and videos behind me until I stood up to take my own.

Figure 4 at Pure Yoga

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