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Music: The essential training companion

I don't know about you, but my race playlist is almost as important to me as getting my miles in on training runs. You can imagine me pouring over iTunes and Amazon lists, listening to the music choices of my spin instructors, and constantly surveying friends for recommendations. All of that can get mighty expensive, especially when training for half (or soon-to-be full) marathons. I need enough to get me from start to finish, without repeats. I hate repeats, it makes me feel like I haven't completed the run in the right amount of time.

My two favorite FREE workout music downloads have provided me with enough variety that lately I haven't had to purchase, unless of course there is that one song that I desperately need to get me over the hill.

Motion Traxx: I love this podcast series. Not only do I get running music set to BPMs, but they also have coached podcasts for cross training like elliptical, tabata,cycle and boot camps. They have treadmill interval training and just straight high-energy music. I like using them for a variety of my workouts.

SHAPE Free Workout Music: This was recently introduced to me probably from one of SHAPE's email newsletters. They have great remixes of songs new and old that really get you moving. New playlists are introduced each month, helping me keep the music fresh. Their most recent March edition had a remix of Kelly Clarkson's What Doesn't Kill You and I swear it is the best running song out there.

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