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Traveling Sets Me Back

When I go to NYC for work, I usually chalk that week up to a wash on my healthy routines. I don't sleep that well in the hotel room, I tend to miss exercising, and I eat pretty much every meal out. After almost 10 months of making the bi-monthly commute I've been trying to make some adjustments.

  1. Planning: I started bringing in oatmeal to at least get me through breakfast so that I make smarter choices (and less likely to grab that bagel that I miss so much). Doing this has allowed me to make better choices for lunch and then if dinner becomes pad see ew or a giant smothered veggie burger I feel less guilty.
  2. Routine: I've identified "travel friendly" workouts, consisting of yoga and cardio DVDs that do not require much more than my body weight. Also, going back to the planning, I look at my meeting schedules and determine which days will be easier to get on the treadmill in the morning, even if it is just for 20 minutes.
  3. Prioritize and reorganize: One of the things I love about going to NYC is that I get to see my friends. So if I know that I am going to have dinner with them on Tuesday, that may be my rest day for the week. Or I walk to dinner to meet them.
  4. The killer session: Last week, I was bad. I ate better, but couldn't get in my workouts. So  I messaged my trainer @LAQfitness that I was in desperate need of a hard workout. Having one predetermined long session gets me back in the groove and helps me restart my exercise routine

Other tips for making sure your healthy routine doesn't bite the dust when you travel for work?

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