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Saluting to the Sun on the Bay

I spent last weekend in San Diego, which meant amazing weather and gorgeous views of the bay. While my husband learned about boring tax lawyer things, I had the opportunity to walk around and take advantage of said gorgeous weather. I haven't been able to practice yoga outside in a long time and even then it was with a group and not by myself. The standard "people are going to look at me" worry came up, which of course I followed up with "who cares, they are a bunch of strangers."  I set out to a nice grassy knoll on the bay just off the path.

It was one of my practices to-date. Listening to the wind and breathing in the fresh air was perfect. I relaxed into my positions and really enjoyed feeling the grass beneath my toes.

This was also my first practice wearing a new pair of yoga pants from lucy. A few weeks ago I received the lucy hatha power pant. When I first pulled them out of the box and held them up to me, I thought crud they are way to long for me to wear without hemming. Then I put them on and was utterly surprised at how they fit both with shoes on and off. They scrunch enough that they don't drag under my heels (something I loathe).

The material is fantastic for bending and twisting. I can cuff the pants and they will stay put throughout my practice, especially when I am in tree pose. I also love how they look on my behind.

I think what I liked best was that I didn't have to pull up the pants or readjust after coming out of a pose. Plus my tummy was looking nice and flat. 

If you’re looking to try out a new brand lucy is definitely a great place to start.  I really liked the product and will definitely be wearing it pretty much whenever I can (of course washing them).

(Full disclosure: I received the pants from lucy for free, but was not compensated for my review.)


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