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When You Just Need More Hours In the Day

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/#!/KPCK/status/160485217310748672"] It's a common wish. More hours in the day to get everything you could possibly need to do. Experts tell us to make time for exercise, which is nearly impossible.

As a busy working professional, it is really hard to make time. I already have things I must do in a day such as sleep, eat, brush my teeth, shower, cook dinner,  spend quality time with my hubby and oh yes, go to work for 8 hours a day (usually more). That said, I regularly take a look at my daily routine to identify where exercise can fit in.

Now that I am in full swing of half marathon training, my schedule is pretty laid out. Mapping out my workouts by day really does help me know exactly how much time I will need to get my workout in. The days for my long runs obviously need more time, yoga days just 50 minutes. I have DVDs that get me a great workout in 20 minutes for really hectic days and high intensity weight training that can be done quickly.

Some weeks it doesn't happen, or it only happens twice. That is why I try not to freak out when the week doesn't go as planned.

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