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December Challenge Kinda Falling Short

It can take quite a bit of willpower to go for the healthful food choices when everyone around you has plates filled with cookies and spinach artichoke dip. All the traveling we have done (or at least I have) in the last week didn’t really help much either. That’s not to say healthy items aren’t at my disposal. A new survey released this week of 15 major airports finds that 83% of restaurants have at least one vegetarian item on the menu—low in fat, high in fiber and good for your heart. The survey by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine considers healthy meals to be those that are vegetarian, cholesterol-free and low in fat.

I think I was just tired and didn't have the energy to make healthy choices or exercise.

This coming week’s trip to Charlotte, NC is via car, which means I can control the food intake, simply by packing healthy snacks for us. I don’t have to worry about fitting everything into my carry on (there is less and less room btw in those overhead compartments).

Anyway, we did the Biggest Loser: At Home Challenge DVD together this week. It was a slow start and again, Anna didn’t really transition really well. My favorite thing about the DVD was that we could choose not only the workout sections we wanted to do, but in what order.

There seemed to be a lot of repetition on certain joints (lots of squats, lunges and planks). I really liked the curtsy kicks from Cardio Phase One and the pushup with a turn from Strength Phase One. Of course, Bob’s sections had me begging for it to be over. I think the next time we do it I might want to start with Phase Two and end with Phase One workouts.

Since it was a little slower, I think I might send this one over to my mom for her to try out.

(FTC Disclosure: I received the DVD for free, but the opinion and review is my own.)

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