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Getting Fit as a Couple Week 2: Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout Review

We are headed into week 2 of "Get Fit as a Couple" and true to form the hubby has dropped four pounds and I have lost 1.5 pounds. It isn't like I needed to lose a ton of weight or any weight at all. I just needed to firm up again, but it is amazing to watch the hubby lose weight just from starting to exercise more regularly and watch what he is eating. This week I did get the opportunity to test out The Biggest Loser: Calorie Knockout (FTC Disclosure: I received the DVD for free, but the following opinion and review is my own.).

I am a huge fan of the Biggest Loser and Bob Harper. Every time I watched that show and see Bob having contestants doing something awesome I have to try it.  So, doing this video was sort of living the dream for me.

The workout is 55 minutes broken into a 5 minute warm up, 15 minutes of kickboxing inspired moves with Anna, 15 minutes of intervals featuring some yoga with Bob, 15 minutes of Tabata* with Dolvett and then a 5 minute cool down. Much like the previous DVDs, they the workout models are the current Biggest Loser contestants.

*Tabata is doing a workout for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds. This video has you do that 8 times.

I did the whole workout through and worked up a pretty decent sweat, which I was concerned about after Anna's portion (first circuit). By the time I got to Bob's (circuit #2) I was dripping and pretty breathless. All three sections don't really point out who your modifiers are (Vinny and Antone) and the transitions from exercise to exercise go pretty quickly, with limited time to catch your breath or take a drink of water. Each section incorporates a set of weights, but does not tell you the recommended size--I used 5 lbs.

You can tell this was definitely Anna and Dolvett's first at-home workout. They don't really explain the moves or talk to the person at home. Dolvett was a little better than Anna at least explaining the moves when you start in the Tabata section, but both have a lot to learn in the art of fitness DVDs.

Circuit #1: Kickboxing with Anna

This circuit includes kickboxing and weight training. Anna transitions so quickly that she doesn't even know herself what comes next. It was nice that she worked out with them the entire time, but that came at the expense of some other things. She also doesn't correct the form of those around her or really explain how you at home are supposed to be set up. I am pretty sure she also had some bad form on one of the workouts. Aside from hearing her call Becky, Rebecca (totally caught me off guard), she is really quiet when talking to the contestants.

Circuit #2: Intervals/Yoga with Bob

This is not Bob's first rodeo. He takes the time to review the move, making sure you can see what is expected of you before jumping into the actual workout. He also physically adjusts people, which helps you see how your body is supposed to be. I loved the integration of yoga in unexpected ways. Moving from single leg squats to warrior 2! Come on! Bob also makes it a point to tell you how many exercises you do in each section and counts down for you so you are prepared to transition.

Circuit #3: Tabata with Dolvett

I didn't know the term Tabata before I read the back of the DVD, if I hadn't done that I still wouldn't know because Dolvett doesn't explain it at all. He just gets down to business. I loved that the workout has built in recovery sections and that he uses it to explain the next series of workouts. During the second exercise it took a while for the "exercise models" to do one of the variations, so much so that I almost forgot what to do there. I also think that a timer for the 20 second push it and 10 second recovery would have been an added bonus.

Warm Up/Cool Down with Dolvett

These were just average did their jobs, but nothing special (I mean how do you make those special anyway).

Overall, I got a really good workout and I would possibly reserve this for one of my "active recovery days."


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