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Delta's Attempt at Customer Service

The hubby and I recently got back from a wonderful honeymoon...we took a European cruise from Barcelona. Norweigen, the cruise line we used, booked all our travel including our flights to and from Barcelona. Now J is rather tall, so the tiny space in coach is not that comfortable. He called Delta multiple times to try to upgrade, to no avail. We thought, let's see what happens at the airport. Again, a total bust all around. The people at the counters at JFK also, were not the nicest. They pretty much just didn't want to hear it. We weren't asking for a handout, we wanted to PAY for the upgrade.

Eventually, I took to Twitter just to express my frustration (because that is what I do).  AK from @deltaassist immediately responded to me. We took to DM (here I am completely following the rules I preach at work) and I explained the situation. AK looked into the situation and placed a note on our reservation asking them to upgrade us and/or get us free drinks. AK did everything I think @deltaassist could do.

The breakdown was in the people AT the airport. Not only did they refuse to look at the account notes, but they pretty much made me feel like I was lying to them. We didn't get the upgrade, fine it was a full flight--or they were breaking even (whatever that means). I wish there was just as much willingness to help on the ground as there was virtually.

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