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Restaurant Review: Cava Mezze

There are a few genres of food that I can eat on a regular basis; Mexican and Greek. It might be because of the variety of dishes, it might be because I love rice and beans and fish. I practically jumped up and down when Cava Mezze opened up a few doors down from my new apartment.  The place was so busy the first few weeks that it took us almost a month to get in (they only take reservations on Sundays and Mondays).

The ambiance was VERY cool. I adored the hanging wine bottles and really liked the wooden tables. I even found the silverware design pretty perfect.

Josh and I seriously indulged ourselves since the last time we had a good Greek meal was almost three months ago, also because when you say small plates we really try to take advantage.

We got the Crazy Feta and Chick Pea 3 Ways to share. They were both amazing. We ate way too much pita and the Crazy Feta was incredibly rich, but overall two thumbs way up for those dishes.

Josh got the Lamb Kapama for his dish, which he liked for the most part. He wasn’t a huge fan of the yogurt, so he just took it off and devoured everything else.

My dish, the Scallops Mushroom Risotto, unfortunately was not good at all. The scallops had this really bad taste to them that pretty much screamed THESE ARE BAD. I thought at first they were charred, but after a second bite I decided that was most certainly not the case.

I am not one for sending food back; I wasn’t even hungry at this point, so my telling our server was strictly because I didn’t want them to continue serving the scallops to others.

As a concession Cava offered us dessert on the house. Music to my ears!  We got baklava and Greek donuts. O-M-G both are absolutely fantastic. The pistachio ice cream was the perfect topper on the baklava. It balanced out the dryness with just the right amount of creamy.

Aside from the scallops fiasco, our experience at Cava was pretty good. I am a little nervous to try any of the other seafood dishes, but those vegetarian options are superb and could keep me satisfied every time I go.

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