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Chocolate Milk Does a Body Good

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin validated something I’ve known for quite some time. Low-fat chocolate milk after a tough workout provides the right mix of carbohydrates and high-quality protein needed for recovery. Athletes such as Michael Phelps drew attention to this at the 2004 Olympics when he was seen to be drinking Carnation chocolate drinks after swims.

The study linked the beverage to improved performance, quicker exercise adaption, and better body composition. Sports drinks lack natural protein and carbohydrates that are naturally occurring in milk. And with Vitamins A and D plus calcium provided through milk, it helps in bone strengthening and building muscle.

Based on studies done by Dr. Joel Stager that conducted research on bicyclists who drank Gatorade and chocolate milk after exhausting their muscles, shows that those who drank chocolate milk were able to recover quickly and last just as long while bicycling to those who had Gatorade

I prefer Silk Chocolate Soy milk. For one, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated so I can throw it in my bag and not worry about it after a race. Two, it tastes really good. Three, soymilk often contains fewer calories than regular milk and is actually healthier for your digestive tract because it allows you to obtain soy protein, as well as a source of vegetables.

Any favorite after exercise recovery drinks?


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