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Stick to Your Diet Even with the Biggest Distractions

I am trying to watch my weight because there is thing in September where I will be wearing a really pretty white dress. I am an active runner and I really don’t eat poorly (aside from my ridiculous sweet tooth), but in the last few months (let’s go with six) it has been really hard to stick to my eating plan. That’s because I moved in with my fiancé, who loves Mexican food with all its burritos and rice and beans. It's tough to stick to a healthy eating plan when those around you are indulging. These stick-to-it tricks will help you side step temptations without becoming a diet czar.

  1. Serve yourself: You can still stick to your healthy eating streak while having others are having—just adjust your portions. Fill half of your plate with fruit or vegetables, a quarter with meat or protein, and a quarter with starches like potatoes or bread. If you are eating out there is nothing wrong with asking a server for a smaller portion.
  2. Monitor your pace: In addition to Mexican food, my fiancé eats really quickly like intensely fast. While I can’t slow him down (I have tried, oh how I have tried) I can avoid getting caught up in the eating frenzy. I try to take a breath between forkfuls and drink plenty of water during dinner.
  3. Menu plan: Starches and heavy carbohydrates are not the greatest for my body. Men however just lurve to eat things like pasta, rice and pizza. I try to space out the heavy carbs for days that we won’t be eating late and add more veggies wherever possible.
  4. Exercise together: Hopefully when it gets warmer we will start running the river again. Even if we just take walks together before or after dinner it will be better than stuffing our face and sitting on the couch.


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