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What Your Doctor Won't Tell You

Overweight? Even doctors may be side stepping that topic. I’ve written a lot about Americans not knowing or admitting that they are overweight (see here and here). Now new data shows doctors aren’t even telling them that they are overweight, which isn’t helping the situation.  Getting an honest assessment from a physician appeared to be a key factor in whether or not study participants considered themselves overweight. Almost 37% of people whose body mass index (BMI) indicated they were overweight and 19% of obese participants but didn’t report hearing that news from a physician didn’t think they had a weight problem.

By contrast, only 6% of overweight and 3% of obese participants reporting a weight-focused conversation with a physician thought they weren’t overweight.

While this is troubling, it makes sense. Consumer Reports found that diet and nutrition are among the weakest areas of most doctors’ education in medical school, and few pursue further training on their own.

So if you are oblivious to your weight and your physician doesn’t say anything, how are you supposed to know?


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