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Exercise Drops Risk Of...

Our sedentary lifestyle is bad. You have to start exercising more and if weight loss isn’t motivation enough, consider the following:

  1. Diabetes: The researchers calculated that if a sedentary person changed his or her behavior and started walking 10,000 step/day they would achieve a threefold improvement in insulin sensitivity.
  2. IBS: In a study, those that participated in moderate-to-vigorous exercise—like brisk walking or biking—for 20 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week reported greater improvement on a standard IBS symptoms questionnaire.
  3. Colon Cancer: A Cancer Epidemiology-published study found people who were consistently active over the course of their adulthood had a lower risk of death from colon cancer than those who were sedentary.
  4. Depression: Patients who suffered heart failure are less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms if they participate in structured exercise therapy. The researchers found that the patients' overall rates of depressive symptoms decreased by 40 percent after ET, from 22 to 13 percent.
  5. Parkinson’s Disease: A few years ago a neurologist discovered that cycling can help improve motor skills before and after rides of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Other forms of exercise, such as Tai Chi, can help improve balance.
  6. Osteoporosis: Weight bearing activity (walking, dancing etc) can help maintain thickness in your bones. Walking as little as three to five miles a week can help build your bone health. Resistance training can strengthen those bones. And once again, flexibility exercise (yoga, Tai Chi) can prevent injury.

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