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Celebrity Weight Loss

Each week US Weekly, People and the likes plaster headlines such as “celebrity bikini bodies” and “how she lost her baby weight in just 4 weeks!” No matter how sane of a person you are, you can’t help but want to try their special workout plan or diet. Here is the thing though… they have personal chefs and trainers and more than a quick 45 minutes to put into the gym.  That’s why I was really excited when Primetime did a special this week on celebrity weight loss.

The special took a long hard look at what really goes on behind the red carpet. One dietician, Keri Gans, said something that struck me “Celebrities don’t know anything about diets. All they know is that they lost weight.”

However, Kendra’s weight loss story that got me.  She had a hard time losing the baby weight that she so gleefully put on. Working out two hours a day didn’t help. She considered lipo (like so many others), but didn’t.  Her struggle made her seem almost normal.

But she is still a celebrity and her body is still her business.   There isn’t really an opportunity for people like you or me to emulate them.

Even if I quit my job and had all the hours in the day to exercise and make healthy meals, I STILL wouldn’t look like the average celebrity.  The solution? Be healthy for me because I am not appearing on TV (although my wedding photos are motivation).

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