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When Your Marathon Becomes a Sprint

This past week, the poster child for burnout resigned his post. Urban Meyer, the former coach of the University of Florida football team, made it clear that continuing along this trajectory was near impossible. The road to burnout is not unusual. It can be caused by unrealistically high aspirations, taking on too much work, and illusory and unattainable goals.   Potential for burnout increases dramatically depending on who you are, where you work, and what your job is; if you’re a hard worker who gives 110%, an idealistic, self-motivated achiever, a perfectionist you could be a possible candidate. (Check out the Mayo Clinic to see the signs and symptoms of job burnout.)

I am a prime candidate and heading full steam ahead to burnout.   What may have started as lofty goals or my needing to be the best; turned into who I am at work and what is expected of me.

So what happens if your marathon becomes a sprint?

It is almost like that feeling you get when you are running down hill. You either figure out how to slow down or you end up tripping yourself up.

Unfortunately, I am starting to feel too deep into my run to turn back and it is out of my control. That’s the scary thing.

Urban is stepping aside for a year (or so he says); however I don’t have that option.

How do I get back to training for my marathon?

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