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Under Armour Eyes the Female Athlete

For as long as I can remember Under Armour meant “protecting this house.” Whatever “house” that was depended on the giant scary looking male athletes grunting across my television screen. Now with its brand solidified as the sportswear du jour for men in their teens and young adults; the company has set its sights on young athletic women. Women like me.

The Under Armour woman is apparently, a female who is competitive (check) and confident (check) and who plays on high school or college sports teams (check-a handful of years ago), or who, after college, continues to work out regularly (check).

The company launched its new women’s line along with a new advertising campaign part of their “Protect This House, I Will” theme. They are trying to connect emotionally with women who are already wearing the product but don’t necessarily care (raise your hand if you only bought it because it was on saleàhand raised over here).

The campaign includes a Facebook page and a TV spot featuring some famous women athletes and celebrities.

The digital components seem brand loyalty boosting enough—an application to share videos and exchange workout tips with others. (Subsequent enhancements will include personalized workout tip videos and live chats with some of the athletes in the campaign.)

My one hang-up with the campaign, are the videos featuring Whitney Port and her exercise tips.

I think the female athletes are inspiring enough on their own. I know we live in a celeb-obsessed world and they are probably there to show that you don’t have to be a ridiculous athlete to work out, but I don’t really count Whitney Port as a normal person either. (Most celebs have trainers, time to work out 2 hrs a day and personal chefs).

I think Under Armour is better off sticking with the athletes than featuring celebs and their tips. I would even take a Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance athlete over another realty star. What about you?

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