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Socialize Your Diet

A few weeks ago, my friend Alan guest posted about using foursquare for exercise motivation.  What else in the world of social media can help us lose weight and be healthy? For years, people have been saying writing down what you eat will help you lose weight. But what if you broadcast it to the world? Will that make you more likely to watch what you eat or will you lie?

Brian Stelter of the New York Times recently went both ways. At first it was the lying (not accounting for late night drinking) and then he slowly made the switch to being brutally honest.

I have been using Myplate on Livestrong.com for a few months now and have been toying with going public (you can link to Facebook).  I track my exercise and food daily, but do I really want everyone to know? And how annoyed will my Facebook friends get with my frequent postings?

I would definitely be less likely to have a pack of Skittles if all 659 of my friends knew what I was eating every day.

Maybe I will toy with hitting the share button next month.  What do you think?

If you aren’t ready to tweet your weight loss goal there is a whole slew of online communities that can help you stay on track.

FitFiend -  Social network devoted to health, fitness, and athletics. It is a community that connects FitPros and FitFiends.

FitLink – Connecting workout partners

Weight loss buddy – Matches a buddy based on weight loss goals

Sparkpeople – Offers nutrition, health and fitness tools, support and other resources

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